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Knowledge is power. Most wait until there's a disgusting mess and things get expensive. 
Why wait? 
Mostly because they are not informed or do not heed warnings of the reality of the issues that can and will eventually occur. 
Sometimes some feel that they get away with it, only for the NEW Homeowner or renter to think there's no issue. This is also common and they truly find out the hard way. Even if the homeowner pays the financial price, the renter deals with some pretty disgusting issues and ends up dealing with the consequences. It's not pretty, doesn't smell too good either. 
Some try and go the cheapest route they can to "fix" something, they often end up paying twice, even three times to think they are saving a few bucks. 
ASAP reviews the situation for what it is, properly inspects and provides a solid solution so your next holiday party or gathering doesn't get interrupted with a mess.  

Q. How much is a septic system? 
A.We give proposals AFTER reviewing permit requirements.
     Environmental health & elevations dictate production requirements.
     (Which determines extended costs, if any)

Q.​ Why can't I get a final number now. I want a number now! I'll just call someone else. 

A. You can, but without a permit you will still have an inaccurate price and feel you are being nickel & dime'd.
     The range is usually between $8k-$10k.

Q. I got a quote from someone else that was cheaper, why were you more? 

A.​ Realize that if you do not solve the problem properly it is still there. You may be putting a band aid on it for a month or even a year but it will break. It will be messy, and it will end up costing you more money and time. Lots of time. 
Many companies may underbid what the necessary process is, WE fix those "cheaper solutions" daily, unfortunately. We fix what other companies try to "get away" with. 

Q. Another company told me that they can fix my septic instead of replacing it. 

A.​ You can, but we won't do that. If you are in a home built prior to 1998 you will need to replace it. 
If you do not replace it and try to fix it, it will break and you will have to spend the time, frustration and expense of doing it again within weeks to months. 


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